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This policy is effective from 4/ September /2019

Sar outdoors is dedicated to protecting any kind of information provided by you to the website.

As a result, you can be certain that if we ask for your personal information, it will be used in accordance with our privacy policy and will be secured. Sar outdoors may occasionally modify the rules for better comprehension and to maintain a positive connection with you. The following information might be obtained from you: 1. Name and Address 2. Phone number and email address 3. Postal code and Gender 4. Your preferences, together with other details relating to the web content.

Why the above Information?

We collect the aforementioned data from you so that we can give you better services like:

  • Account creation for our future records
  • We may contact you in the future for market research in order to build a great relationship byprioritising your interests. This will allow us to improve our services further with the aid of surveys you participate in.
  • We may get in touch with you for better deals, specials, details about upcoming treks and adventures, and other marketing initiatives. We'll get in touch with you via phone, fax, or email.
  • You can unsubscribe from the same Security at any time if you choose not to receive promotional emails other than those that interest you.
  • Securing your information, including personal information and transactions, is our top priority.
  • Installing cutting-edge electronic equipment and providing a suitable management structure enable this. All your monetary transactions and card details are processed and secured fully.

Information about Cookies

Cookies are little files that are uploaded to your web browser with your permission. Mozilla

Firefox, the browser you use, and the page you visit to exchange information contained in the cookie ( Cookies offer a number of advantages, including a better online experience and the ability to store information about the websites you have visited. In order to greatly improve the performance of our website, we also permit the placement of cookies on your hard disc in order to track your web traffic and preferences. Furthermore, neither your computer nor your personal information is accessible to cookies. Passwords and codes are not stored on it. Additionally, you always have the option to accept or reject cookies for your benefit.

You can also modify your browser's settings to prevent it from accepting cookies.

Website links

On our website, we have links to various websites. Additionally, keep in mind that you technically leave our website once you access the linked page. As a result, we will not be in charge of the other website and will not accept any liability for any harm or loss caused by it. We therefore cannot guarantee the security of any information you provide on the website, and you are recommended to review their privacy statement before disclosing any personal information.

Your Personal Information

Following are some methods for protecting your personal data 1. Whenever you submit personal information, search for a checkbox in the corner that allows you to opt-out of receiving emails and other marketing communications. 2. Send us an email at to unsubscribe from any promotional marketing options. The information you provide will not be misused by us. We will take precautions to prevent the disclosure of your information to a third party. We won't share any information about you without your consent. You have the right to obtain the information we have withheld about you under the terms of the Data Protection Act of 1998. You can send a mail to us at and a small amount has to be paid to obtain the details. If you find any detail furnished by us incorrectly, then you can mail us, and we would immediately rectify the error. You can now contact us any time with your queries and doubts at the following.

Address: c24, kaushalya tower, turner road .


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