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The Nag Tibba trek is the best weekend getaway from Delhi, Dehradun, or Mussorie. The trek package has two variations: one from Delhi to Delhi and the other from Dehradun to Dehradun. Whether you are a part of a large family with children, a couple of adventurers looking for a spontaneous weekend trek, or even a solo traveler making your first attempt, the reason you must consider Nag Tibba trek is the same: its convenience and ease, However, since the Nag Tibba trek is easy compared to other treks in the Himalayan region like, (Interlinks) it is an equally inviting spot for non-trekkers looking to take a moment away from the heaviness and the rush of daily life.

Paying homage to India’s age-old tradition of totemism, especially in the context of Hindu mythology, Nag Tibba peak is also lovingly referred to as the “Serpent’s Peak”. This is so because it is believed by locals and worshippers alike, that the snake god intrinsic to the region is who protects their domesticated cattle, i.e. their source of income and signifier of wealth, as well as the people themselves. The Nag Tibba temple near the top of the mountain is a testament to the undying faith and energy that guards and enriches it. Moreover, the place is dotted with multiple other areas of interest: large open meadows, the Goat village (a plethora of farm retreats and home-stays to give you a slice of life in the Garhwal hills), and camping experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. While it is undoubtedly a pleasant trek at any time in the lower Himalayas, the true thrill lies in climbing the snow-clad mountains, huddling close, sipping tea, and telling stories with your newfound camper friends while the peaks of Bandarpooch, Chanabang, and Kedarnath envelope you with their magnificence. The path uphill promises a mass of pine forests, sturdy oaks, vibrant rhododendrons, and deodars, making it an adventurer’s wonderland and a photographer’s dream regardless of the time of the year.

With some of the lushest, stunning scenery around and a final stop that is worth trekking in the Himalayan region, Nag Tibba is more than just an image made of the best that nature has to offer – it is an experience waiting to unfold just for you. 

Trek Overview

Lounging right at home in the gentle vicinity of the Garhwal region, Nag Tibba, one of the three most formidable ranges of the lower Himalayas, alongside Pir Punjab and Dhauladhar, is one of the most wholesome treks available. With a summit located at the height of 9,915 feet and breathtaking views both, along the way as well as from the top, (which is the crest of the well-loved  Nag Tibba Trek), it is naturally a cherished spot for trekkers. Since the elevation is not too steep, even beginners will find themselves enjoying the journey more than fretting about its difficulty. The distance from Delhi to Nag Tibba is also relatively easy to cover (approximately 355 kilometers), making it an accessible experience.  You can take a night Ac bus from Delhi (Kashmiri Gate) to Dehradun if you are opting for Dehradun to Dehradun variant. There are three spots from where the trek to Nag Tibba can be covered: Pantwari (11 km away), Devalsari (13 km), and Aunter, we start our trek from Pantwari village. The total distance of the Nag Tibba Trek from Pantwari is about 11 kilometers, and it stretches over a period of two days. The Nag Tibba base camp is just 4 km from Pantwari village and the Nag Tibba summit is another 5.5 km from the base camp. The temperature in the Nag Tibba range varies from 8 to 25 degrees in the summertime and -2 to 18 degrees during winters. Due to monsoons making the area prone to landslides and footfalls, it is advisable to go on this trek either between April and June or between the colder months of October and January


  • Day 1: From Dehradun to Pantwari to Nag Tibba Base Camp
  • Distance to cover by road: 89.5 km (Dehradun to Pantwari)
  • Distance to cover by trek: 4.5km (Pantwari to Base Camp)

Your day begins with a four-hour journey from the Dehradun Railway station/Bus stand to Pantwari Village, via  Mussoorie and Kempty Falls. Though we do not visit Kempty falls on this journey, we make a short stop on the way to Kempty falls at Rahul Restaurant on Kempty Road (4 km from Mussoorie). Here, you help yourself to a hearty breakfast. Refreshment or freshen-up facilities are available at this stop, so as to allow an easy journey ahead. After this stop, we continue ahead to Pantwari by taking a right from the Nainbagh main market. After a short drive of 15km from nainbagh, we reach our starting point i.e pantwari. Here, trekkers will receive a packed lunch for the trek, your trek leader will give you a brief overview of the length, terrain, duration, and a basic gist of the trek to Nag Tibba

The Nag Tibba base camp is situated in the beautiful meadow-like expanse of Khatiyan, near the Forest Gate (4.5 km away from where you are right now). Before you start, you take a moment to breathe in the scenery and remember that the trek that awaits you is an experience that will stay with you for life.

We commence by following a cemented trail for the first 100 meters. Right as we begin, we witness the Nag Devta temple to our left. We follow the picturesque road for about 50 meters, after which we take a right. From here, you watch the rocky terrain unfold ahead of you. We take the road bending towards the left here, and fifty meters ahead, a dusty path appears. You will notice a rainwater harvesting tank on the right. We do not, however, follow the dust path. Our focus is the dry, rocky terrain going upwards, (northeast on the compass). After a good walk of 200 meters, another road comes up ahead. However, we keep a determined focus on the trail we’re following. From our path here, you get a view of the extensive farmland and village below.

At this point, you will reach a small store selling nimbu pani and other such refreshments. It is the perfect spot for a short rest before covering the next 500 meters, after which we will reach the lunch point. After such a strenuous climb, trekkers are rewarded with a natural, free-flowing stream and a wonderfully rejuvenating view. Here, you are advised to fill your water bottles because the next water source is way up ahead. After a hefty packed meal, rest, and a good look at the view, we move forward. The Nag Tibba base camp is 2.5 km away from this point. Excitement is on the rise!

We follow the same trail up ahead and after about one kilometer, take the first right. Here, we find another shop. It is relatively easy to follow the trail from here to Goat Village, which is brimming with homestays. From here, a continuous walk for fifteen minutes (400 meters long) through a beautiful clearing, leads to the Nag Tibba base camp near the Forest Gate.

At the base camp, we take some time to refresh ourselves with some piping hot chai and samosas, while watching the sunset color the sky. A hearty dinner follows soon after. It is during this time that your trek leader will brief you about the next day when you actually trek to the Nag Tibba peak. Sleep well – you need to save up your energy for tomorrow!


  • Day 2:  Nag Tibba Base Camp to Nag Tibba Summit
  • Distance to cover: 6.5 km.

We rise early with the sun today – the trek ahead is breathtaking, the summit waiting to be seized. The day begins with a wholesome meal. From our base camp, we scour for a trail merging into the dense forests. From here onwards, the trails are relatively easy. Make sure to layer sufficiently if you are choosing to trek during the snowy months.

The trail is around 2 km long, with a couple of patches of open space that catch the traveler’s eye. The main area of intrigue is the Nag Tibba temple which is frequented by locals and believers alike. The walk-in this zone is not too demanding or steep. You can take the time to drink in the scenery and enjoy the pine and deodar that blanket the terrain. The abundance of butterflies is also a treat to the eye. The Nag Tibba Ridge is just one hour away. Do not miss the peaks of Garhwal glistening in the sun (or dusted with sugar-like snow) while you are trekking uphill. The path becomes a little demanding towards the last one kilometer because of the steep terrain. Make sure to keep your energy levels in check. Our aim is to go straight up to the summit, and the trail is quite straightforward, without any directional deviations. You know you are almost at the Nag tibba summit when you reach a point from where you can see the land sloping steeply on the opposite side of the mountain.

The summit is lovingly referred to as the Nag Tibba “Jhandi”. You will find a flag here – marking that you’ve made it to your goal. The view is to die for- with Kala Nag, Srikanta, Bandarpoonch, Swargrohini, Kedarnath, and Yamunotri ranges, all of which belong to the Himalayas spread around you like a photograph.

The descent from the top is comparatively much easier. Around one kilometer downhill is where the cherished Nag Tibba Temple is. Here, you feel a spiritual connection with the place like no other. This makes for a very fulfilling end to our journey. From here, we make our way back to the base camp, where we spend thirty minutes to one hour, having lunch and taking a bit of time to rest.   

After some beautiful moments of reflection, we leave for Pantwari village once again. From here, it is a steady drive to Dehradun. For now, this is where the adventure ends, with happy memories in your back pocket.

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