Trip Highlights

What is special about Kuari Pass Trekking?

● It holds historic importance as it follows the legendary Lord Curzon’s Trail ● View of almost all major Himalayan Peaks of Uttarakhand including Mt. Nanda Devi, which is the highest peak of India within its borders. ● A picturesque trek with beautiful camp sites ● Snow laden trails accessible throughout the year. Kuari Pass trek is beautiful in all seasons. ● Easy to do trek which is good for beginners as well as pro trekkers ● Walk through some of the old villages in the Joshimath region

Kuari Pass Trek - A Himalayan Panorama and Adventurer's Dream

Embark on an exhilarating journey to Kuari Pass, a hidden gem in the heart of the Garhwal Himalayas. This trek promises an unparalleled adventure through pristine landscapes, charming villages, and awe-inspiring mountain vistas. As you ascend to the summit, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views, making this trek a must-do for nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike.

  • Spectacular Scenery: Prepare to be captivated by the jaw-dropping beauty of the Himalayan range. Gaze upon towering peaks, lush meadows, dense forests, and glistening snowfields that create a picture-perfect canvas at every turn.

  • Sunrise at Kuari Pass: Witness a sunrise like no other from the vantage point of Kuari Pass. As the first rays of sunlight touch the snow-capped peaks, experience an ethereal play of colors painting the mountains in hues of gold and pink.

  • Breathtaking Panorama: Immerse yourself in a 360-degree panorama that includes iconic summits like Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, Kamet, and Trishul. The view from Kuari Pass is a reward that words can't do justice to.

  • Local Culture: Interact with the warm-hearted locals in quaint Himalayan villages and gain insights into their way of life. Experience the rich cultural tapestry that adds depth to your journey.

  • Flora and Fauna: Traverse through diverse landscapes that host an array of flora and fauna. From rhododendron forests to alpine meadows, this trek promises encounters with nature's wonders.

  • Trekking Adventure: Challenge yourself with a moderate trek that offers a perfect blend of excitement and accomplishment. The trail is suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers.

Trek Overview

Kuari Pass Trek

The Kuari Pass Trek has its roots in history as it is famous to have been explored by Lord Curzon. Thus, Kuari Pass is also known as the Curzon Trail. What it really means though is “the doorway”. Well, living up to its name, Kuari Pass is a doorway to heavenly sights to behold. It is a trek that passes through Oak and Rhododendron trees along with other coniferous forests. It has a plethora of forests and meadows throughout its trail. These often overlook the peaks of Kamet, Dronagiri, Trishul, Bertholi, HathiGhodiParvat, Mana, and Neelkanth. The Kuari Pass Trek has its roots in history as it is famous to have been explored by Lord Curzon. Thus, Kuari Pass is also known as the Curzon Trail. What it really means though is “the doorway”. Well, living up to its name, Kuari Pass is a doorway to heavenly sights to behold. It is a trek that passes through Oak and Rhododendron trees along with other coniferous forests. It has a plethora of forests and meadows throughout its trail. These often overlook the peaks of Kamet, Dronagiri, Trishul, Bertholi, HathiGhodiParvat, Mana, and Neelkanth.

*Fueling Your Kuari Pass Trek: Nutritious Offerings from Sar Outdoors*

Embarking on the Kuari Pass Trek with Sar Outdoors promises not only awe-inspiring landscapes but also a delightful culinary journey. With a focus on exclusively Indian vegetarian cuisine, our offerings are tailored to provide balanced and nourishing meals to power your adventure.

*A Culinary Adventure*

Our meals boast an enticing array of Indian culinary classics, from freshly baked bread to an assortment of vibrant vegetables, aromatic rice, and hearty lentils. To add a sweet note, we also serve delectable desserts. Throughout your trek, you'll enjoy three hearty meals a day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As the day unfolds, expect refreshing tea, satisfying snacks, and a savory soup to precede dinner. On extended trekking days, we provide convenient packed snacks to keep you fueled.

*Tailored Nutrition for Trekkers*

Recognizing the pivotal role of nutrition in trekking, Sar Outdoors places great emphasis on a meticulously crafted menu. This menu is the result of thorough research into the specific dietary requirements of trekkers, factoring in elements like altitude and weather conditions.

Our trek meals are meticulously balanced, offering a perfect blend of calories, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fiber, and essential minerals. Our skilled chefs are adept at preparing delicious, wholesome dishes and undergo rigorous training to meet our exacting culinary standards.

*A Nourishing Start*

Each day kicks off with a revitalizing cup of lemon tea, delivered right to the comfort of your tent. Before embarking on your trek, you'll savor a hot and flavorful breakfast. Options range from upma, Aallu Prantha, Besan Chilla, Poha, Daliya, Corn flakes, to Maggie, complemented by your choice of tea or coffee.

*Midday Sustenance and Refreshment*

For longer treks, we offer a selection of fresh local fruits such as apples, along with invigorating beverages like Frootie or Maaza to keep you energized through the afternoon. Come 4:00 pm, relish a light evening snack accompanied by tea, providing a revitalizing boost for the rest of your day's journey.

*A Fulfilling Conclusion*

As you return to your campsite in the evening, anticipate a hearty and satisfying dinner that will leave you content and primed for a restful night's sleep.

With Sar Outdoors, rest assured that your dietary needs are not only met but exceeded throughout the trek. Many trekkers return to us time and again, not just for the breathtaking vistas but also for the exceptional dining experience we provide. Your journey with us promises to be unforgettable in more ways than one, including the culinary delights that await.

*Prioritizing Safety on the Kuari Pass Trek with Sar Outdoors*

Ensuring the safety of trekkers is our topmost concern when you choose to explore the Kuari Pass trail with Sar Outdoors. We take every possible measure to guarantee your well-being throughout this exhilarating journey. Here's how we make your trekking experience secure, reliable, and worry-free.

*Expert Trek Leaders and Wilderness First-Aid*

Our team of seasoned trek leaders is not only deeply passionate about the outdoors but also extensively trained in Wilderness First-Aid. Possessing comprehensive knowledge of high-altitude challenges, they are fully equipped to handle any emergencies that may arise during the Kuari Pass Trek. Additionally, we carry a comprehensive first-aid kit containing essential medicines, ensuring immediate medical attention if required.

*Prioritize Your Medical Fitness*

Before embarking on the Kuari Pass Trek with Sar Outdoors, it's imperative to assess your own medical fitness. While self-assessment is valuable, we strongly recommend seeking professional medical advice to ensure you're in prime condition for the journey. Your health and well-being are of paramount importance to us.

*Unwavering Commitment to Technical Safety*

With a team of over 100 guides and trainers, all professionally trained at esteemed institutions like the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, the Indian Mountaineering Foundation in Delhi, and the Hanifle Center for Outdoor Education in Mussoorie, we leave no room for compromise in terms of quality and safety of services provided.

*Safety: Our Foremost Priority*

At Sar Outdoors, our team possesses extensive local knowledge and is proficient in both English and Hindi, ensuring an enjoyable and secure trekking experience. Safety is non-negotiable for us, and our trek leaders have undergone rigorous training in First Aid, Portable Altitude Chamber Training, CPR, Environmental Awareness, and Advanced Wilderness Emergency Medicine.

A comprehensive first-aid medical kit accompanies every trek and trip we organize. Additionally, for high-altitude treks like Kuari Pass, we provide portable altitude chambers and medical oxygen. Irrespective of group size, we offer individual attention to every member, ensuring their well-being.

*Pioneering Safety Measures*

Sar Outdoors has been at the forefront of introducing innovative safety practices in Indian trekking. We've made Microspikes essential for walking on snow and mandated emergency bottled oxygen for all treks. Pulse oximeters are employed to monitor pulse and oxygen saturation levels, and radios serve as safety communication devices. Many of these practices have now become standard in the industry, contributing to safer treks for all.



 The journey commences with splendor and sights to behold as we pick you up from Haridwar Railway Station and commence the journey from Haridwar. We shall cross Rishikesh on our way and arrange a suitable pick up from there as well. Therefore, if you’re eager to start off on a note of viewing the cultural experiences around the Ganges or take part in water sports activities, you can arrange a brief stay at Rishikesh before the trek begins. We shall be picking up our wonderful companions from Rishikesh as well. Once everyone is on board, we start our drive towards Joshimath which can be a little excruciating as it is 9 hours long however, it is far from boring. You shall witness sights to behold and lots of capture-worthy scenery. On our way we will pass by the panchprayag — Devaprayag, Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag, Nandaprayag, and Vishnuprayag. Therefore, it would be a long but definitely exciting journey.

Joshimath will be a welcoming sight of snow-capped peaks. We shall have an appetizing breakfast here and then, head off to Dhak village, which is a 45-minutes’ drive. This is where the trek commences, on a trail of gentle slopes.

The trek begins with a steady ascent on a trail that cuts off from the main road and ascends towards Tugasi village. The track has a few twists and turns before it comes to level ground. The terrain here is rough and there isn’t much forest cover to witness. However, you can witness the Garhwal frontier, terrace farmed lands, and the mesmerizing Dhauli-Ganga stream. You shall also come across the Vishnugad-Tapovan Hydroelectric Power Station.

Almost in half an hour of the trek, you shall reach village Kharchi. We continue on the same rocky track from the village. The trail upwards is steep with a couple of switchback turns. But soon, we reach the lower area of Tugasi village. The trails forks and we shall take the path which curves towards the hydro run flour mill. In the next 10 minutes, we shall reach the upper Tugasi region and a lovely sight awaits. There lie wheat fields, flower beds, and thatched-roofed huts. You can also find little streams coming down in this area. Nature and human habitat in harmony is a peaceful sight to witness. We shall continue on this path till we reach the Dronagiri peak. Dronagiri peak is ahead of the farmlands and rises humongous at a distance. The tents shall be pitched here in the open meadows, overlooking the peak and surrounded by the oak forests. You can walk up to the Gulling Top and explore the surrounding forests. The Dronagiri peak looks mesmerizing at the break of dawn.  The trek for the day is done and one can rest as well as prepare themselves for the adventures which await the next day.

 We wake up to a beautiful sunrise and prepare ourselves for the journey ahead. We shall head towards the Khulara base camp. The trek today shall be comparatively easier as the trail is smoother. Therefore, it shall be a little more enjoying today and a little less of a strenuous ascent.

The trail shall lead you to green clearings with a vista of the snow-capped mountains. After almost 20 minutes into the trek, we come across a little rivulet that leads towards a forest of oaks and rhododendrons. Their lovely flowers blossom in March. Apart from rhododendrons, one can find walnut and other coniferous trees. In these Gulling forests, our second base camp shall be placed. The Hathi-Gori peaks shall be visible in all their glory along with the Dronagiri peaks. Evening snacks, Dinner and overnight stay in tents.

Today is the day we ascend towards the summit. The journey shall be carried out up to 6-7 hours depending on the pace of our trekkers. Our track shall be a tough one as we shall be covering a snow-covered trail. There is no water source on the way therefore, we shall be carrying our water supply accordingly.

We shall be aiming for the Kuari pass Top which is an ascent up to 4-5km.. We will cross a broken bridge that lies over a frozen stream at the peak of the winter season. Then we shall climb a ridge to the high pass, the trek turns challenging here. Therefore, you are allowed to prepare yourself for short breaks that we’ll take on our way. You will get to take a longer break at JhandiDhar, a resting point that comes after 2 hours into the trek. We shall have lunch accordingly as we take a longer break on the trek.

The trek leads to a magnificent vista as we hit the spot which exposes some of the most stunning Garhwal peaks namely, Kedarnath Peak, Kedardome, Chaukhambha, Balakun, Neel Kantha, MukutParvat, Kamet, Abhi Gamin, Mana, GhoriParvat, HathiParvat, Dronagiri, Kalanka, Changabang, Nanda Devi, Nanda Ghunti. Evening snacks, Dinner and overnight stay in tents

 On our 5th day, we shall advance towards the Joshimath. It will be an adventurous journey back floating over the snow-capped slopes and coniferous forests. On reaching Joshimath, you can explore the Narsongh temple and you are free to capture the vista through cameras and memories. Dinner and overnight stay in Joshimath.

It is a 256 km drive which shall take approximately 10 hrs.
On Day 6, you’ll reach Haridwar between 6 pm and 7 pm and can book your transport any time after 8 pm.

This marks the end of an adventurous trek and a memorable journey!

Trip Policies

If the user wishes to cancel any booking due to any reason whatsoever, the same shall be only valid if SAR OUTDOORS is notified of the cancellation in writing on its official address or via e-mail, at least 15 days before the commencement of the trip or adventure activity. Any refund due to the user, natural calamity, road blocks will be subject to cancellation charges by SAR OUTDOORS...Read More

  • If the cancellation request is received before 30 days from the commencement of the trip, the whole amount paid for the trip will be refunded.
  • If the cancellation request is received between 15 to 30 days from the commencement of the trip, 50% of the trip cost shall be refunded.
  • In cases where the cancellation request is not received before 15 days from the commencement of the trip SAR OUTDOORS shall not be liable to pay any refund.
  • ...Read More

Trip FAQs

  1. What is the Kuari Pass Trek?

    The Kuari Pass Trek is a renowned trekking route in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It offers stunning views of snow-clad Himalayan peaks and a chance to explore the serene landscapes of the Garhwal region
  2. When is the best time to undertake the Kuari Pass Trek?

    The best time for the Kuari Pass Trek is from April to June and September to March. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and the trail is accessible.
  3. How difficult is the Kuari Pass Trek?

    The Kuari Pass Trek is considered a moderate-level trek suitable for beginners with basic fitness levels. However, some sections involve steep ascents and descents, so some prior trekking experience is beneficial.
  4. What is the total distance covered during the Kuari Pass Trek?

    The total distance covered during the Kuari Pass Trek is approximately 30-35 kilometers, depending on the chosen route and starting point.
  5. What is the altitude of Kuari Pass?

    The altitude of Kuari Pass is around 12,516 feet (3,820 meters) above sea level


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    Kuari Pass Trek from Joshimath Includes :-

    • 1) Experienced Guides: Accompanying you will be experienced guides who ensure your safety and enrich your journey with insights about the region.

    • 2) Accommodation: Comfortable stays in tents or lodges during the trek, providing you a cozy haven amidst the wilderness.

    • 3) Meals: Wholesome meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, prepared with care to keep you energized throughout the trek.

    • 4) Camping Equipments : Tents, Sleeping bags, Ground mattress, gaiters and crampons if needed.

    • 5) Permits and Fees: All necessary permits and entry fees for the trek are taken care of, leaving you free to focus on the adventure

    Certainly, here are some common inclusions that you might find in a Kuari Pass Trek From Haridwar or Rishikesh package:

    1. **Transportation:** Typically, the package includes transportation from a designated meeting point (often in a major city like Haridwar or Rishikesh) to the starting point of the trek and back.

    2. **Accommodation:** Accommodation is usually included for the duration of the trek. This could involve camping in tents along the trek route or staying in guesthouses/lodges at base camps or designated stopping points.

    3. **Meals:**  All  meals throughout the trek, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Meals are usually provided at the campsites or base camps, and they are designed to provide the necessary energy for trekking.

    4. **Experienced Guides and Support Staff:** A knowledgeable trekking guide familiar with the route is often part of the package. They provide guidance, share insights about the trail and local culture, and ensure your safety. Support staff might include cooks, porters, and helpers.

    5. **Camping Equipment:** If the trek involves camping, the package usually includes tents, sleeping bags, mats, and other necessary camping gear.

    6. **Permits and Entry Fees:** The cost of permits and entry fees to protected areas or national parks that the trek passes through is often included in the package.

    7. **Safety Equipment:** Basic safety equipment like a first aid kit, oxygen cylinders, and communication devices might be provided as part of the package.

    8.  **Certificate of Completion:** Upon successfully completing the trek, some organizers provide a certificate as a token of achievement.

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