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Trip Highlights

Trek Overview

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1) Transportation support throughout the journey.

2) Accomodation on quad and triple.

3) Meals on Map plan.

4) Driver allowance, parking charges, toll tax etc.

5) Trek leader 

6) Forest permit

7) Supporting staff

8) Camping equipment like tent, sleeping bag, ground mattress, Gaiters and crampons if needed 


DAY 1:  Haridwar - Joshimath 

Altitude: 6,300ft

Everyone is set for the Trek for Valley of Flowers. All the enthusiastic trekkers shall gather at Haridwar Railway Station. From the station, it shall be an uphill drive which will be carried out in the vehicles we have arranged for everyone. We will all set forth on our journey to Govindghat which shall embark on the route via Joshimath and Devaprayag. Therefore, the drive shall be full of scenic pleasures and popular sights that you shall be able to witness.

On the way, passing Devaprayag we shall witness the holy confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda Rivers to form the River Ganges. It is truly a natural magnificence to see these two very starkly different and magical rivers come together and give rise to the magnificent holy Ganges. After this, we shall arrive at our destination Joshimath, which is home to quite a few important religious pilgrimage locations. We can set ourselves up here, for the night. We shall help you with fun activities, to acclimatize yourself with the weather and climate of the place. After some fun interaction and activities, we shall have a healthy dinner and rest for the day. 

DAY 2: Trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria

Altitude: 6,300 ft to 9,600 ft 

Today is the day, our Trek for Valley of Flowers commences. You shall wake up to an enchanting Himalayan sunrise and after a sumptuous breakfast, prepare yourselves for the trek. Fill your bottles and pack your energy bars as well as any other important article you feel you might require. We start trekking towards Ghangaria. The Valley of Flowers trek till Ghangaria is a short 14km gradual ascent. Once we reach Ghangaria, we call it a day. We shall settle here for the night and you are free to explore the tiny hamlet of Ghangaria. We will some fun activities for you like games and exercises which should be fun at the same time, keep you fit and energized. Also, the excitement level shall run high amongst all as tomorrow, we shall finally visit the much-awaited magnificent Valley of Flowers

DAY 3: Trek from Ghangaria to Valley Of Flowers and back

Altitude: 9,600 ft to 11,500 ft and back

We shall wake up to the pleasant morning of Ghangaria, full of excitement and vigor as today we shall finally witness the much-awaited pinnacle of this trek. After a healthy and filling breakfast, we shall resume our trek ascending to 3,858m, to arrive at the Valley Of Flowers. This soul relishing sight shall take your breath away! Ahead of you lies nature's masterpiece spread out in form of a blanket of blooming flowers. The plethora of colors stands out amidst the blue sky and cascading Himalayas. Colorful butterflies you had never seen before, shall be fluttering in multiples amidst the meadows. You shall be left speechless at this magical sight.  You are free to spend quality time at this fairytale land persuading activities of your heart's delight may it be Yoga, Meditation, photography, nature walk, etc. At the rightful hour, we shall start trekking back to Ghangaria where we are staying. You shall come back with an experience worth remembering a lifetime and we shall all have dinner together. We will play games, have fun discussions or you may rest early as per your wish. The experience of the trek isn't yet over and tomorrow another adventure awaits. 

DAY 4: Trek from Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib

Altitude: 9,600 ft to 14,107 ft and back

Today we shall trek to the famous Sikh shrine, Hemkund Sahib. The Gurudwara is believed to be the religious site where Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru had meditated for many years.  Encircled by seven snow-capped mountains this place has the essence of peace that is common to places of spiritual value. Therefore, after breakfast, we shall trek on a moderately difficult steep climb for about 4 hours to reach Hemkund Sahib. We shall spend some peaceful and soul calming moments here. We will have our lunch here as well and post-lunch, we shall descend back to Ghangaria. Once back, we shall have our dinner together here and rest for the night.

DAY 5: Trek from Ghangaria to Joshimath

Altitude: 9,600 ft to 6,300 ft 

Today we finally leave Ghangaria village. After a delicious breakfast, we shall retrace the same trek route from Ghangaria to Govindghat. It is an easy trail to descent to Poolna village. If you wish, you can tour Auli in the evening along with fellow trekkers.

DAY 6: Drive from Joshimath to Haridwar

On our 6th day, our enriching experience comes to an end. We shall leave Govindghat early so that everyone can leave from Haridwar to their respective destinations, timely. Thus, our wonderful trek to Valley of Flowers comes to an end!

Trip Policies

If the user wishes to cancel any booking due to any reason whatsoever, the same shall be only valid if SAR OUTDOORS is notified of the cancellation in writing on its official address or via e-mail, at least 15 days before the commencement of the trip or adventure activity. Any refund due to the user, natural calamity, road blocks will be subject to cancellation charges by SAR OUTDOORS...Read More

  • If the cancellation request is received before 30 days from the commencement of the trip, the whole amount paid for the trip will be refunded.
  • If the cancellation request is received between 15 to 30 days from the commencement of the trip, 50% of the trip cost shall be refunded.
  • In cases where the cancellation request is not received before 15 days from the commencement of the trip SAR OUTDOORS shall not be liable to pay any refund.
  • ...Read More

Trip FAQs

  1. How to reach the Valley of Flowers?

    To reach the Valley of Flowers, you have to reach Haridwar Railway Station, from where you will be taken to the base camp located in Govindghat. Refer to the itinerary for the details.
  2. How to reach the Valley of Flowers from Delhi?

    The distance from Rishikesh to Valley of Flowers is 272km. You have to reach Haridwar Railway Station, from where you will be taken to the base camp located in Govindghat.
  3. Where is the Valley of Flowers located?

    The Valley of flowers lies in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, tucked within the Chamoli district, of the Uttrakhand State. It lies at an altitude of 14,400 ft.
  4. How to go Valley of Flowers?

    To reach the Valley of Flowers, you have to reach Haridwar Railway Station, from where you will be taken to the base camp located in Govindghat. Refer to the itinerary for the details.
  5. How to reach Valley of Flowers from Dehradun?

    The distance from Dehradun to Valley of Flowers is 311km. You can easily hire a taxi, catch a train or board a bus to Haridwar. You have to reach Haridwar Railway Station, from where you will be taken to the base camp located in Govindghat. Refer to the itinerary for the details.
  6. Who discovered Valley of Flowers?

    The magical land of Valley of Flowers remained a secret until its discovery in 1931. Frank S. Smythe, Eric Shipton, and R.L. Holdsworth, all British mountaineers, accidentally discovered the Valley of flowers when they lost their way while returning from a successful expedition to Mt.Kamet. Enraptured by the beauty of the Valley owing to its lush vegetation and colorful flowers, they named it the "Valley of Flowers."
  7. What is the Valley of Flowers?

    Valley of Flowers is popular as one of the oldest treks of India. In the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, the Valley of Flowers lies surrounded by the colossal Himalayan ranges. At an altitude of 14,400 ft; Valley of Flowers is paradise on Earth. In 1980, the Valley of Flowers was declared a National Park by the Indian Government. In 2002, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  8. Where is Valley of Flowers national park?

    The Valley of Flowers National Park lies in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, tucked within the Chamoli district, of the Uttrakhand State. It lies at an altitude of 14,400 ft.
  9. How to reach Valley of Flowers from Haridwar?

    The distance from Haridwar to Valley of Flowers is 291km. You have to reach Haridwar Railway Station, henceforth you will be taken to the base camp located in Govindghat. Refer to the itinerary for the details.
  10. When to visit valley of flowers?

    Valley of Flowers opens at the beginning of June. However, the best time for one to go on a trek to this exotic location is between July to September. The Valley of Flowers tends to bloom differently within this set time as well. The valley is shrouded by colors throughout mid-July to mid-August. Thus, that also makes it one of the best times to visit the Valley of Flowers.
  11. When does Valley of Flowers open?

    Valley of Flowers opens for the public to visit on 1st June every year. The park then remains to be opened from June to October.
  12. Is Valley of Flowers trek dangerous?

    The moderately difficult Valley of Flowers trek is not dangerous exactly. It has it’s few tricky paths There are two rockfall sections on this trek. You will come across the first one between Govindghat to Ghandria and the second one lies around 20 minutes from the forest checkpoint as you trek from Ghangria to Valley of Flowers. The melting snow blocks on the way to Hemkund Sahib in July and August. There is no snow on the trail but you can get snow melts coming down from the mountainside above the trail. Be mindful and keep an eye out especially on the mountainside when you are climbing up to Hemkund. The hard climb to Hemkund Sahib and altitude sickness. Symptoms of AMS like headache, dizziness, and nausea are common on the climb to Hemkund Sahib. Climbing almost 4000 ft from 9,600 ft to 14,100 ft in a single day can result in feeling these symptoms. So try to take Micro-steps which is a useful technique to climb uphill effortlessly. According to this technique, trek with a minuscule gap of 2-inch between the heel of one foot and toes of the next. There are a few bridges on the Lakshman Ganga (Govind Ghat to Ghangria) and a bridge over Pushpavati (Ghangria to Valley of Flowers) on the trail and they are narrow. Be mindful of mule trains crossing over the bridges. Do not get stuck on the bridge with them. Be mindful of the water level below the bridges too. Do not crowd over these bridges either. Apart from that, proper trekking equipment ensures the safety, and listening to your trek leader and following their instructions shall help the trek be a smooth one.
  13. What kind of clothes and equipment should I carry during Valley of Flowers trek? Clothing and equipment one can carry during Valley of Flowers trek:

    A pair of lightweight pants to wear at night - Woolen jumpers or lightweight fleeces - Full sleeve t-shirts and warm shirts - Thermal inners - Scarf, woolen cap, and inner fleece gloves - Raincoats (In case it rains) - Sunscreens and Lip Balms - Insulated water bottles capable to hold 2 liters of water at a time - Waterproof covers for bags - Personal Medications and Toiletries - A walking stick or a trekking pole - Torch/Flashlights with spare batteries - Comfortable and waterproof trekking shoes - Dry fruits like figs, cashews, almonds, walnuts, Protein bars, and chocolates. - One pair of thick woolen socks and 4-5 pairs of normal socks.
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